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When I first started using a Happy Planner, I bought the Me & My Big Ideas Line It Up, Check It Off Stencils.  Problem:  For the life of me, I could not get the stencils to align up correctly and get clean check boxes.  (I know, I am challenged)

Since I loved the idea of having check boxes in my planner, I made my own stickers out of necessity.   They work for me because they are clean, simple and can be used for just about every type of spread/design.

These check boxes have become a must for my weekly and monthly planner spreads.   They come in handy for just about everything.   Few examples are:

  • To Do Boxes
  • Tracking
  • Appointments
  • Reminders
  • Shopping Lists

Because I love these so much, I want to share them with the rest of the Planner Community for free.

Yes, you read it right.  For Free.  Free Download.

What’s Included:

You will receive files for both framed and unframed boxes for both the Classic Happy Planner and Big Happy Planner.   They can be used on most other 7” by 9” planners, large letter size planner or A5 planners.  Cut files for Silhouette and PNG files for Circuit are, also, included along with PDF and JPG files.

Don’t have a cutting machine or would rather just have them printed, cut and sent to you?   Inside is a special 70% coupon code for the Check Boxes in my Etsy store, Primfection Designs.  (A girl needs to cover my costs)

Don’t have a Silhouette or Circuit?  Not a problem.  Print them out the PDF files at 100% and cut then by hand.  Faint cut marks have been added on the PDF files so they can be cut by hand.


  • Print at 100%.
  • Use sticker paper, preferable removable. Removable stickers paper is so much easier to work with.
  • Use an X-acto knife and a ruler to score along the cut lines, just cutting through the stickers, leaving the backing intact.
  • If using a cutting machine, see the cutting tips in the files included.




Rock Paper Scissors Removable Sticker Sheets
  • Simply the best sticker paper for planners. Releases easily if you are as challenged as I when it comes to applying stickers in your planner.
  • Works great in cutting machines. Yet to have a problem with them.
Plain White Full Sheet Stickers
  • Looking for good plain white sticker sheets? Got you covered.
  • Feeds through your printer easily and works great in your cutting machine.
Me & My BIG ideas Line It Up Check It Off Stencil
  • If you want the stencil mentioned in this post, then here it is.
  • Fits easily into your planners to make your own To Do Boxes.
**** above are affiliate Amazon links where I get a small percentage of the sale. Your price for the item will be the same and not increase.