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Like for most, the Holiday Season is pretty hectic.  Having some semblance of organization is very important to me.  This year, I can say, without any hesitation that I totally dropped the ball.  <Hanging head in shame>

Decided it was time to get my act together and start making a list of what I need to accomplish before December 24.  First task was to put a gift list together.   Trying to keep things simple this year so put together this quick and dirty Christmas gift list to keep track of what still needs to bought.

As our family grows, it has gotten more difficult to keep track of everyone.  The biggest challenge has been to keep within in a budget.  Every year, this journey is started with good intentions.  The plan for 2021 is to stay within budget and not waiver under any circumstances.

Here are some tips that I have found helpful to keep things simple:

  • Start planning early.
    When I am on the ball, I would start planning for the Holidays in September – especially if the plan was gifting handmade gifts.
  • Set a budget for each person and stick to it.
  • Shop early. Shopping in September or October spreads out the costs over a few months.
  • Think about a large family gift like a trip or vacation instead of individual gifts.
  • Give gift certificates to a favorite store or restaurant. Great for last minute gifts.
  • Buy items in bulk. It’s perfectly acceptable to give the same gift to different individuals on the list.
  • Start a family gift exchange.
    Instead having to buy for the whole family, each family member randomly selects another family member to gift – within a certain price point – of course.

If you are behind if your Christmas shopping like me, thought this simple gift list might come in handy  – maybe not this year but next.

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